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Swimming Pools San Antonio, TX

Swimming Pools San Antonio, TX Artscapes is the leading builder of world-class swimming pools in San Antonio and other Texas cities. The pools we have created can be found in some of the most affluent and gorgeous communities across the state. Our creations exhibit our keen sense of style, mastery of design principles, and knowledge of what pools should provide to property owners. With us, you can look forward to a pool that is not only eye-catching but also functional and durable.

Our Offered Pool Types and Designs

We’re known by past clients for the outstanding concrete pool designs and types that we offer. For example, we can achieve the following pool designs:

  • Olympic-size pools. If you want to flex your muscles and practice your strokes, an Olympic-size pool will be perfect for you. Its length is more than enough to tone your muscles and give you a good cardio workout.

  • Tiered. A tiered pool is an excellent pool design if you want optimum visual impact. You will surely hear admiring gasps from your guests once they get to see your tiered pool.

  • Infinity pools. A lot of property owners prefer infinity swimming pools because of the visual illusion that they create. It’s like your pool is connected to the ocean, sky, or lake when viewed from a certain angle.

  • Island inspired. We have created a lot of island-inspired pools for clients who are looking for a tropical feel and look. We can create the same for you if you fancy your own secluded island right in your yard.

  • Kidney shaped. You can do away with the standard pool design by opting for a kidney-shaped pool. With this type, you will have a modern-looking pool that your family and guests will enjoy.

    Swimming Pools San Antonio, TX
  • Custom pools. We can also go for custom pool designs based on the needs and desires of our clients. From the material down to the size, shape, and location, we can give our clients utmost freedom to set the specifications.

Meanwhile, we can also achieve specific types of swimming pools for our San Antonio clients. One is in-ground, which is the most common type of swimming pool. This requires excavating the ground where the pool will be built. Another is above-ground, a more economical option since it can be built without having to use heavy equipment. We can build one and install a deck to achieve the look of an in-ground pool.

Your Dream Pool Built Quickly

We can create your desired pool faster than other contractors in San Antonio, TX. Our company is known for fast and reliable construction with our complete tools and heavy equipment, such as backhoes, bulldozers, and other grading equipment. We also follow time-tested steps when constructing swimming pools, which allow us to complete projects faster than our competitors.

One of the most exciting methods that we use when building swimming pools is Spider Tie. This method is heavily favored for its benefits, such as cost-efficiency, less manpower requirement, ease of use, and the ability to create curved walls without difficulty. The system is ideal for customization projects.

Pool Amenities and Add-ons

We can install other pool amenities and features, such as lighting, spas, water features (waterfalls and fountains), and lounge chairs. These will surely make your swimming pools not only attractive but more functional as well.

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