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Custom Swimming Pools

Custom Swimming Pools During summer, the scorching sun can be a huge deterrent to spend time outdoors and have fun with family and friends. But why let this setback prevent you from enjoying quality time with people close to you? We say: let us build you a stunning concrete pool to let the good times roll.

At Artscapes Professional Services, LLC, we create exceptional pools for residents and business property owners in various Texas areas such as San Antonio, Castle Hills, Universal City, and Leon Valley. With our core team of master masons and pool designers with decades of experience, we can create pools that defy conventions and set new standards in craftsmanship and design. Let us bring to you our unique brand of pool creation.

Custom Swimming Pools Design Video

Exceptional Concrete Pool Designs

Our company creates concrete pools based on clients’ chosen design. We don’t mind if it’s just a kiddie pool or an Olympic-sized one – we will build it for you just the same. Accordingly, every concrete pool that we build benefits from our creative team’s unique design approach and from our master builders’ skillful hands. Among the pool design options that we offer are:

Custom Swimming Pools
  • Olympic-size. Work out your strokes and have a truly great cardio workout on your Olympic-size pool.
  • Infinity. This pool design is fast becoming a favorite for its visual illusion and relaxing effect.
  • Island. A pool that looks like a secluded island is a show-stopper.
  • Tiered. This unconventional pool may just hold your guests awestruck. Imagine having not just one or two but three or more pools built one atop another!

Expert Pool Installation

Creating a concrete pool (or any kind of pool for that matter) is not an easy job. It requires thorough preparation, the right equipment, years of experience, and the best materials to come up with a truly extraordinary pool. Our people know this too well that’s why they follow a systematic approach to pool design and creation.

First, we will inspect the area where the pool will be installed. We will carefully check if it’s ideal and strategic. Generally, it has to be a leveled surface; if it’s not but can be remedied, we can grade it accordingly. We will then prepare the area and have it all ready for the construction phase. We may use a backhoe or a bulldozer depending on the size of the area and the debris that should be removed from the site.

Custom Swimming Pools Then, using the client-approved design as guide, our builders will then begin constructing the mould, typically made of wooden planks shaped according to a pre-determined form. Once the mould is in place, we will pour ready-mixed concrete onto the mould until the entire frame is filled up completely. Once the mixture finally cures, we can begin constructing the coping and deck or install the amenities that our clients want to be added to the finished concrete pool.

Pool Amenities

As mentioned, it’s possible to have other amenities to go with your concrete pool. These amenities are meant to enhance your comfort and to promote utmost rest and relaxation. You can choose to have pool amenities such as Jacuzzi, spa, mini waterfalls, fire pits, and lounge chairs.

Call us now and let us build your dream concrete pool.

What is a Pool built with Spider Ties

Spider Tie pools and wall systems was designed out of a need for builders to be able to form concrete without limitations that you find in every region of the country. Spider Ties simply function like free standing 2x4 studs, allowing us to frame plywood in any shape and height imaginable. There are absolutely no limitations.

With Spider Ties contractors are no longer subject to waiting on subcontractors to fit you in there busy schedule. The amount of time required in labor is less because the heaviest part of the Spider Tie system is a sheet of plywood, Additionally, the rebar is held perfectly in place within the framework without having to use tie wire.

Customization of Pools with Spider Ties

Using Spider Tie has huge advantages when it comes to customizing your new pool. You can form curved walls, Serpentine shapes and tight radius are created in a fraction of the time and cost of Gunite and Shotcrete pools.

You Get More for Less with Spider Tie:

  • Can be formed in all soil conditions including sand, rock and loose gravel.
  • There is no need for the dirt of the hole to serve as part of the forms.
  • Concrete is considerably less expensive than gunite
  • Engineered concrete is stronger.
  • There is a consistent thickness throughout the entire pour
  • It also requires half the rebar

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