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Outdoor Kitchens

Turn Your San Antonio Oasis into an Entertainment Masterpiece

Outdoor Kitchens An outdoor kitchen can be that special touch that brings the family together.

Haven’t you heard that the most important part of the resale value of your home is the kitchen? Critics, assessors, appraiser and designer are screaming about the value you get out of your investment in the kitchen. With a designer outdoor kitchen, you can bring home the bacon and cook it too, not to mention creating some quality time to watch the kids grow and get to know your neighbors better.

Artscapes of San Antonio is here to help you receive that same value for your investment in a quality outdoor kitchen. With your vision, Artscapes will design and construct the right outdoor kitchen for you. Our specialty is matching the décor of your house and landscape with a functional well design cooking space for your pleasure and enjoyment.

During the design process you will receive digitally aided, CAD or hand drafted renditions of for you to selectively revise in preparation for construction.

Outdoor Kitchens
Design Video
Your custom outdoor kitchen will be constructed of fully weatherproof materials from fiber cement to sealed polymers to specification. Artscapes custom outdoor kitchens are not prefabricated or modular units unlike many bulk or quantity dealers. Artscapes produces the project on site, therefore the options are endless and allow for your creative thoughts to be a part of the final product. As the collaboration of your outdoor masterpiece progresses material selections such as granite, slate, flagstone or travertine tops are matched with your cabinetry. Cabinetry types such as stucco, chopped block, rock veneers are our specialty along with various types of hardwoods.

Outdoor Kitchens Artscapes Is Committed To Providing

  1. Quality construction
  2. Detailed designs
  3. The area’s finest materials
  4. One of a kind product for each customer

Artscapes Will Not

  1. Sacrifice quantity for quality
  2. Design the same thing twice
  3. Build using salvaged materials

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