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Xeriscaping San Antonio, TX Our company has the capability to create extraordinary landscapes that are also sustainable and low maintenance. Moreover, we use our decades of experience in the landscaping industry and in-depth knowledge of various landscaping techniques to achieve our clients' dream landscape setups. Among the techniques that we highly recommend and use is xeriscaping. The main objective of this technique is to dramatically reduce water consumption without compromising the health of the softscape elements and the aesthetic appeal of the landscaped area. Aside from our technical know-how, we also create a well-thought-out design plan to achieve this kind of landscape setup. You, too, can have a beautifully xeriscaped property by calling our hotline today.

Each client that we serve is guaranteed of a professionally xeriscaped outdoors regardless of the project cost and the recommended landscape elements. If you want some proofs of our capabilities as a xeriscaping contractor, call us and we will provide you with a comprehensive listing of our past clients in San Antonio and surrounding areas. All of them were greatly satisfied with our highly personalized xeriscape designs. Xeriscaping is the top choice of many property owners because of the great benefits that it offers. In fact, there are a lot of homeowners and commercial property owners in Boerne, Fair Oaks Ranch, Alamo Height's, New Braunfels, Shavano Park, and Garden Ridge requesting for this kind of landscape setup. We also have similar projects in Kerrville, Hondo, Shavano Park, and Austin. Call us now to get a free cost estimate.

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The Right Approach to Xeriscaping

Xeriscaping is a highly-technical job that requires experience and in-depth knowledge of the technique. There are only a few contractors in Texas who can work on this kind of project so make sure that you are hiring the right one. As experts in this field, we know how to create a perfectly xeriscaped outdoors. Our systematic approach will effectively transform your barren backyard into an excellently done landscaped property. We do this by focusing on the three major elements of xeriscaping. These vital landscape elements include plants and trees, mulch and compost, and gravel and rocks.

  • Plants & Trees. At Artscapes Professional Services, LLC, we use native plantings when working on a xeriscaping project. Native plants are drought-tolerant so you won't have to worry about irrigation cost and expensive maintenance. Our plant experts will also come up with a garden design plan that will reduce water consumption like grouping plants with similar water needs.

  • Mulch & Compost. Your xeriscaping project will not be complete without the use of mulch and compost. Mulch acts as a barrier that helps lock-in soil moisture. It is a good source of nutrients so the use of synthetic fertilizers will be reduced. Your landscape will also look vibrant and appealing since mulches are available in different colors and sizes. You can opt for wood chips, pine straw, and other eco-friendly mulches. Meanwhile, compost is highly recommended for barren and dry soil.

  • Gravel & Rock. These aggregates are also excellent materials for your landscape. In fact, gravel and rocks are vital materials in any xeriscaping project. They can be used as accents or primary design elements in certain garden setups such as Zen gardens. We ensure that they are applied correctly and placed in their perfect spots to give you a unique landscape setting.

Please call us at 210-SWIM-783 (210-794-6783) or visit us at our San Antonio office to discuss your plans with one of our seasoned landscapers.
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