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Ponds & Waterfalls

Ponds & Waterfalls Water features are one of the best add-ons that can enhance the beauty and value of your Texas home and landscape. They can be placed indoors or outdoors with sizes ranging from small tabletop water fountains to huge ponds and streams. Two of the most popular water features are ponds and waterfalls.

The Need for Reliable Ponds and Waterfalls

Aside from providing beauty, ponds and waterfalls promote health and well-being. However, poorly constructed projects can threaten your health and your landscape’s safety. A leak caused by the use of substandard materials in a pond or a swimming pool, for instance, can affect the water’s quantity and quality. Foggy or dirty water, on the other hand, encourage harmful bacteria to thrive. This is usually caused by the installation of low-quality pumps and filters.

Ponds as Focal Points in Your Landscape

Ponds are bodies of water that come in all shapes and sizes, depending on the needs of the property owner and the size of an area. These can be used to serve as focal points or to enhance certain parts of a landscape. Accordingly, we at Artscapes can build you the following:

Ponds & Waterfalls
  • Garden ponds. We can build you garden ponds complete with colorful fishes, aquatic plants, rocks and waterfalls, or pumps to aerate them. It’s just like having a natural, self-sustaining pond right inside your property.

  • Rock ponds. Our highly trained experts know exactly the types of rock that will best suit the area and will use them effectively to create a specific theme or design. Rock ponds are perfect for the humid and arid environment in Texas.

  • Koi ponds. Koi fishes may be colorful and attractive, but they create a lot of dirt. That’s why our Koi ponds are equipped with the best pumps and filters – to ensure the cleanliness of your water feature.

Magnificent Waterfalls

The sight and sound of a waterfall’s gushing water transforms a beautiful landscape into a small paradise that calms the senses and eases worries away. We take this into consideration each time we build various types of waterfalls like:

Ponds & Waterfalls
  • Wall-mounted. Wall-mounted waterfalls give you the option to have these charming water features regardless of your area’s size. We can attach one on your patio wall, dining area, office lobby or fence – just about anywhere you wish.

  • Poolside waterfall. Our poolside waterfalls are designed to maximize the movement of your pool’s water to prevent the growth of algae and other organisms. We can even install lights for a more dramatic effect.

  • Pondless waterfalls. A pondless waterfall is another great option for those who want to have this water feature but have limited space. It’s also easy to maintain because there’s no pond attached to it.

  • In-ground. Our in-ground waterfall is the next best thing to a natural one. Water is pumped from an underground source and guided to flow on beautiful rock formations and boulders.

Why Hire Artscapes?

We are lovers of nature who would like to recreate its charm and beauty the best way we can by creating splendid, awe-inspiring ponds and waterfalls. Our highly experienced team can build you one according to your needs and desires. Rest assured that we only use high-quality materials as well as the latest tools and equipment.

We can also provide you with the right kinds of bog plants and natural stones to increase the beauty and functionality of your ponds and waterfalls. Call us now!

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