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About Us

Artscapes Professional Services, LLC is South Texas' premier landscape and outdoor concepts company. Artscapes was established on our nation’s historical event of 911 as Prestige One Landscaping.

Our History

  • Originally formed as Prestige One of Jonesboro, Arkansas as part of the Midwest largest landscape franchise.
  • After much success in Arkansas we relocated and opened our doors in San Antonio as Artscapes Professional Services, LLC in 2004. Thanks to you we are recognized as one of the area’s most creative landscape companies. Clients have grown to expect excellence and quality, no matter the size of the project.
  • Our Managing owner, James Lawrence is a native of San Antonio and a former Landscape Manager for Sea World of San Antonio, Texas. In addition to James' landscape background he was project manager for new construction with Ranger American in Houston, TX. He received his education at Howard Payne University.
  • As part of the family of Artscapes we employ Sara Smith, Landscape Designer and graduate of Texas A&M University.
  • With your increasing support and request of additional services, Artscapes is now an authorized dealer and installer of Aloha fiberglass pools the nations premier manufacturer of quality ICC-ES tested and approved pools. We recommend Eco-Smarte no-salt, no-chlorine water quality management.
  • Our staff includes master masons with over 20 years experience and low voltage landscape lighting and design technicians. We also use state-licensed irrigators and certified installers, in addition to board certified and licensed arborist and pest control subcontractors.

Our Services

Why Choose Us?

When you opt for our services, you have the assurance that the Artscapes team will transform your ideas and vision into reality. We understand that when you hire an outdoor living contractor, you don’t just want a budget or an estimate for the job. You want someone that would be able to provide you the items and practical advice in terms of what would work best for your requirements.

This is where we distinguish ourselves from other outdoor living companies in the region. We understand and recognize that the project ultimately belongs to you. It’s why we are highly focused on ensuring that your landscape is a reflection of your preferences and styling. We prioritize creating the design first and make sure that every single aspect of your outdoor living is planned to perfection.

Once we get this right, our skilled installation crew comes into the picture. They ensure that all the features and elements in your outdoor living space are installed as per plans that have been approved by you. While we do focus on providing stunning high-quality designs that will add to the value of your property, we always provide cost-effective services. Our design team will ensure that the solutions we provide are right in line with your budget.

Over the years we have assimilated a significant amount of knowledge and experience and honed our skills to implement processes and work structures that are favorable for our clients. We work efficiently, procure materials from the best wholesalers in the region and make sure that your project is completed to the highest industry standards.

Our focus is always on building strong relationships with our clients, and we’re proud of the fact that we have a large number of returning customers. We want to create a seamless experience for our clients, making sure that the entire project is carried out with the least amount of disruption to your busy life.

Meticulous Pool and Landscape Consultation

When you opt for our services, our expert designers will visit your property for an initial survey and consultation. During this phase, they will have detailed discussions with you to understand what your specific requirements are. They will take notes and accurate measurements of the available space after which you will receive a comprehensive estimate for the project.

At this stage, we will also create a profile for your project; this is much more detailed than a basic notepad. The idea is to ensure that all the requirements are jotted down to the smallest detail. There will also be information related to your budget & ideas for phasing and financing if required. The team will also carry out a construction assessment that includes potential obstacles to construction.

Creative and Innovative Pool and Landscape Consultation

Once the project estimate has been created, we will start the design phase which is billable. In projects that don't require any design, this stage may be overlooked. For example, if you need a 15’X15’ travertine patio built, there would be no designing charges included in the cost of the project. You would only choose the stone texture you want and we will start on the installation. We make extra efforts to ensure that our clients have a very clear idea about what they're getting; the designers will draw out detailed plans which include all the proposed features and installations in the landscape.

Perfect Scheduling

After the design phase has been completed, we will present the plans for approval. Once you have approved the project, we will assign a project manager to you, who will give you a detailed walkthrough of the installation itinerary as well as the scheduled for completion. This meticulous and thorough approach helps ensure that you are completely in sync and aware about the schedule and progress of your project. You also have complete information about which technicians are working on site at a certain point in time. You never have to be stressed about advance amounts being taken or any lawsuits for a project that isn’t started or was left incomplete.


During the construction phase, our installers will conduct a thorough inspection of the site and make note of all the conditions before the construction commences. While the project is in progress:

  • If you have any concerns, our project manager will be more than happy to address them.
  • They will make all the necessary adjustments; in case there are any altered orders, they would be either credited or submitted to your account, as appropriate.
  • We are very particular with the manner in which we manage every aspect of the project.
  • We ensure that everyone on site would not be able to communicate well or understand you.
  • There will never be any surprises in the final invoice, and you will pay only for the original plan and the altered orders approved by you.


Once the project has been completed, our team will provide a list of materials used, along with a care package for all the products. All the applicable warranties will be included in this care package. The project manager will also give you a final walkthrough before you approve the services provided, and make the final payment. We will ask for and then collect the final payment only after your signed approval.


All the warranty issues would be serviced on Fridays in the order that the service was called in. Hourly billing, material expenses, and trip fees may apply. If the warranty concern is an emergency, we will send someone over to your site that very same day, and no later than 48 hours.

For any more information, feel free to contact Artscapes at 210-SWIM-783 (210-794-6783). You can also send us your queries and project requirements via the Contact Us form on this page.
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